Monday, May 23, 2005

Swimming With The Fishes

Art © Pete Von Sholly.

The wonderful painting above is by the palaeoblog’s good buddy, Pete Von Sholly, whose ‘faux’ "Turok, Son of Stone" covers we’ve featured several times. The previous post reminded me that Pete had send along this ‘serious’ painting some weeks ago and that I’d been waiting for the right time (like now!) to post it.

But that’s not all! Pete has a great new book coming out very soon. Although it’s not directly palaeo-related, anyone whose been reading this blog to this point will want to go HERE and buy a copy right now. What’s it about? Well, the image below should give you a hint. More info on the book is also available in the recent columns by Fred Hembeck ,HERE, and Tony Isabella ,HERE.

Art and characters © Pete Von Sholly.

Who can resist a book with the tagline, “Smashing Violence Into Bloody Pulp!”?