Saturday, May 21, 2005

Reward Offered For Missing Loch Ness Tooth


Forensics investigator Bill McDonald has announced a $100,000 reward for the return of a four-inch barbed shed tooth found lodged in the ribcage of a mutilated deer carcass on Loch Ness. The tooth, discovered by two American college students on Spring Break back in March, was confiscated by a local water bailiff and is now believed to be in possession of the Scottish Highland authorities.According to the two students, and verified by the local boat owner, the three had been cruising the shoreline on a photographic tour when they discovered the half-eaten deer carcass. An examination of the animal, which had been mauled by a large marine predator, revealed the shed tooth within the deer’s exposed ribcage. Says McDonald, who was hired by the students to help secure the return of the tooth, "the three were so excited they waved over a passing boat, which happened to be the water bailiff, a sort of park ranger. He quickly confiscated the tooth and a video tape one of the guys had in his camcorder. Fortunately Del (the student) had just changed tapes and all he got was a blank."
Footage of the students’ account and pictures of the tooth can be viewed at

Nessie photo from HERE. Tooth photo from HERE.