Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Museum of The Rockies Expands

From the Independent Record:

The Museum of The Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, unveiled its latest phase of its new Siebel Dinosaur Complex; the 5,400-square-foot Hall of Horns and Teeth which will open to the public in June.

Museum of the Rockies marketing director Jamie Cornish said the new exhibit will showcase Jack Horner's dino dream, a vision that shares new breakthroughs in the field that has put Montana on the map. Horner is the museum's curator of paleontology and one of the world's foremost dinosaur experts.

Cornish said the 10,600-square-foot total expansion is based on Horner's book, "Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky." The exhibits will present the latest theories and research in the field.

Displays will include the skull from the now-famous Tyrannosaurus known as B. Rex. Earlier this year, Helena native Mary Schweitzer announced from her North Carolina State University lab that her research team had found what is believed to be soft tissue preserved in the fossilized bones of the 68-million-year-old beast.

The centerpiece of the Hall of Horns and Teeth includes a massive skull belonging to a Torosaurus. The skull was lifted from a cliff near Winnett in July 2001 while cameras from the "Today Show" rolled for a national viewing audience.

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