Friday, May 20, 2005

Man Is Still A Monkey

In 1930, the reknowned paleontologist William K. Gregory from the American Museum of Natural History sat down with a reporter from "Popular Science Monthly" to talk about Man from a scientific point of view. The series of articles covered a wide range of topics, from organ systems to evolution. Most of the points that Gregory makes in this article supporting evolution are still valid today (although we have a much more enlightened view on the equality of the races of mankind today!), and, sadly, the questions asked by the interviewer still mirror the uninformed opinions of too many people in 2005. The palaeoblog presents this article here for its historical interest.

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If anyone reading can supply me with good readable copies of any of the other articles in the rest of the series, I'll happily post them.

NOTE: For reasons too boring to go into here, the next installment of the "Paleo-Path" has been put off a week. But not to worry, there are still lots of comics-related items to come in the next few days.