Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Welcome to Kaleb Royce Routley

Wendy (Sloboda) and Keith Routley proudly welcomed Kaleb Royce Routley at 9:21pm on Friday, April 15.
"[I've] have already had my first fight - note the black eye... Boy you should see what I did to those forceps though!!!"
Wendy is one of the best fossil prospectors in the world today and has been responsible for many exceptional finds in Alberta (notably associated with the first discovery of dinosaur eggs in Alberta), and has hunted, collected, and prepared dinosaur fossils from around the world. A few years back I had the pleasure of hunting for fossils in the Cretaceous of Argentina with her. Keith has also hunted for and collected fossils and is credited with finding one of the most complete Centrosaurus skulls known (it's currently on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum).