Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Quirks & Quarks of Dino Eggs

The recent posting on the dinosaur eggs found inside the body of the mother has proven to be very popular here at the Palaeoblog so I’m presenting more on the find from the CBC’s weekly science show, “QUIRKS & QUARKS”. On the show Dr. Darla Zelenitsky was interviewed about the unusual find and research that she was co-author on. Darla is an old friend from both the U of C and the RTMP where we did our research, as are the other co-authors, Dr. Tamaki Sato and Dr. Xiao-chun Wu, both of whom I shared an office with in Drumheller. Congratulations to them all on this excellent work!

Photo (c) Science Magazine 2005

From the CBC’s Quirks & Quarks web site:

Finding a dinosaur is hardly a news event these days, and neither is finding a dinosaur egg. But finding an egg inside a dinosaur is something new. That’s what a team, including Dr. Darla Zelenitsky from the University of Calgary, have just described. In fact, they found two eggs in the pelvis of a female dinosaur. This extends our knowledge of dinosaur reproductive biology, and also their relationship to birds.
Read the University of Calgary Press Release HERE

Listen to the sound file HERE.

Listen to the sound file on OGG HERE.

Note: sound files are updated and replaced weekly.