Wednesday, April 06, 2005

RTMP Research Trip

For those who like to know these things the palaeoblogger has been in Alberta since April 1 (no foolin') to do work at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. On Sunday, April 2, I helped Phil Currie lead a tour of the restricted (non-public area) of Dinosaur Provincial Park for a group of about 60 1st year geology students from the U of Calgary. The day was topped off with steaks at the Patricia Steak Pit where I caught up with RTMP field experience volunteers Cathy Falls and Don Cretin. Together we worked on plans for collecting in the southern part of Alberta in July.

Monday and Tuesday have been taken up with working on specimen photography of the Sage Creek ceratopsid body for a manuscript in progress, helping Phil finish the final edits on the up-coming volume on Dinosaur Provincial Park (due out this Fall), working with Post-Doc Francois Therrien identifying ceratopsid material for a project on limb ontogeny (with Eric Snively), and prepping material for CT scanning in Calgary.

More as things progress....