Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Mark Schultz Book: The Stuff of Life

This is pretty cool.

A few years ago Mark Schultz took on a big project – writing a graphic ‘novel’ about genetics that can be used as a 1st year university text book. When Mark told me he was contemplating taking on this assignment I tried to warn him off. I’ve got a Ph.D. in zoology and I wouldn’t want to do this! But Mark persevered and –voila!in collaboration with artists Zander and Kevin Cannon, the book will be out almost just in time (Dec. 23) to be too late to buy it for Christmas. But I urge you to do so because it’s also a fun and entertaining book. Don’t believe me? Well, watch this fun video promo for the book. Mark did a lot of design work for the project including the starfish-faced alien narrator who has the job of trying to explain the ‘why’ of human beings.

You can order “The Stuff of LifeHERE