Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Gobi Photos

OK, I'm back from the gobi but not quite back in my office. Here are a few photos to tie you over until the blog starts back up in ernest next week:

U of A grad student, Phil Bell, prospects in Khermeen Tsav close to our 2007 camp site, and one of the better spots to find Gobiteryx eggs.

Glorious Leader, Yueng-nam Lee (center) with Dr. Nam-Soo Kim and the MBC documentary director, Mrs. Lee, confer over how to best collect a nest of hadrosaur eggs.

U of A grad student, Robin Sissons is blown away by an old quarry at Nemegt. This day was sunny and warm, unlike the previous day that where it rained and was freezing cold...

Phil Currie cooks up dinner in the rain at Nemegt....

... after dinner we huddled around our camp fire in the rain trying to get warm. That's Eva Kopplehus, PC, and Robin from left to right.

Lou Jacobs celebrates his 60th birthday in the gobi - an excellent excuse for a party!

Robin pieces togather a protoceratopsian.