Sunday, June 11, 2006

TyranoStar: King of the Dinosaurs!

Tyranostar™ & © Pete Von Sholly

For this week’s ‘Sunday Fun’ we present “TyranoStar” by the ever-creative Pete Von Sholly. The above cover is from the 3D comic published by Ray Zone with pencils by Pete & inks by dino-artist supreme, Bill Stout.

Sort of a ‘Land of the Lost’ crossed with ‘The Mighty Mightor’ it harkens back to best of 70’s Saturday morning cartoon shows. Below are some new unpublished pages by Pete.

But that’s not all! Pete has produced a trailer for the book that explains who and what ‘TyranoStar’ is (with a cool soundtrack). Enjoy!

Find more of Pete's videos at by searching the key word 'VONREX'.