Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Evolution Happens

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has produced these new 'Evolution Happens' t-shirts just in time for the holiday season (nothing says ‘holidays’ like evolutionary theory).

Modeled here by one of the palaeoblogger’s volunteers in his Department of Vertebrate Paleontology, the back (below) features a summary cladogram of one of the museum’s most historically important specimens, the famous Australopithecus known as ‘Lucy’.

The shirts can be ordered directly from the CMNH bookstore by calling:

216-31-4660 ext. 3329, or
1-800-317-9155 ext. 3329 (toll free in the USA only)

Sorry, there are no web sales at this time.

For the younger crowd is the above t-shirt featuring one of the VP department’s signature specimens, the type of Haplocanthosaurus delfsi. These shirts are also available from the museum store.
Interested in dinosaurs, fossil fish or other vertebrate fossils? If so, why not join ‘Ms. D.’ above as a volunteer in our department! If you’re local to the CMNH contact our volunteer coordinator at dbrant@cmnh.org