Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Alberta Road Trip

Last week I was back in Alberta for a whirlwind tour of museums and localities (that's why postings have been light recently). I meet up with Don Brinkman (he of the new Centrosaurus brinkmani fame) and Jim McCabe in Drumheller and drove down south to check out a report of a ceratopsian skull found along the Oldman River. It turns out to be in either the upper St. Mary’s River Formation or the Willow Creek Formation – both crop out in the area and Don and I need to consult with Denis Braman who’s been doing palynological work in the area to help nail down its position in section.

Jim McCabe at the wheel. Those are the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Jim (left) and Don (middle) check out the site with a local contractor.

Don and Jim examine what is exposed of the skull - not much as it turns out.