Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Research Road Trip

I'm enroute today to the Royal Ontario Museum/University of Toronto to work on some long-delayed papers with David Evans, a former employee of mine in the Royal Tyrrell Museum's 'Day Dig' program, and now a hot-shot Ph.D. student working on (amongst many things) hadrosaurs and other ornithischian dinosaurs.

I'll also be taking in the ROM's new Feathered Dinosaur Show and will (hopefully) be posting more information about this next week when I'm back in Cleveland. My weekend will be spent in Ottawa doing some work at the Canadian Museum of Nature where I'm also a Research Associate. I'll also be posting some interesting pictures of dinosaurs from that museum next week.

FYI, postings at the Palaeoblog will continue as per usual while I'm traveling.

Thanks to Steve Bissette for the plug over at his site.