Monday, February 27, 2006

Chasmosaurus CMN 8801

photo © M. Ryan

The nose of CMN 8801 photographed while I've been working at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Gatineau, QC, recently.

The Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN; in french it's called Musée Canadien de la Nature) used to be called the 'National Museum of Canada' and houses Canada's federal collection of fossils, including dozens of types of various dinosaurs. The Powers That Be tell me that the proper way to list a CMN specimen number in a publication is to use 'CMN' not 'NMC'; hence the above specimen is 'CMN 8801' not 'NMC 8801'.

Back when all the fossils were part of the Geological Survey of Canada all the specimens used 'GCS', and you'll see that in older publications.