Monday, February 20, 2006

Archaeopteryx An Albatross?

The Jackson Hole Star Tribune has an article looking into the acquisition and availability for study of the new Archaeopteryx specimen purchased by the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum:
The fossil was found in Bavaria some 30 years ago, according to Scott Hartman, science director at the Wyoming museum. It was kept in a private collection unknown to scientists for years until the original owner died and his widow decided to sell it, he said.

The Senckenberg museum was interested in the fossil but couldn't afford to pay the asking price, Hartman said.

Pohl wouldn't disclose the price sought or the amount paid. But Kirk Johnson, chief curator of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, said the rarity and completeness of the skeleton leads him to believe "it must be worth millions. How many, I don't know."
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