Monday, June 20, 2005

Rise Of The Robosaurs

From an article by Robert Jones in the New Zealand Herald:

Roboraptor, is a new 32-inch long hi-tech robo-beast with three mood levels - hunter, cautious and playful - and 40 pre-programmed functions - or buyers can just let him run wild. The $200 toy is part of the Robosapien range designed by ex-Nasa scientist Mark Tilden.

Tilden, who worked for Nasa building "real" robots before realising that nobody wanted those kinds of things in their home, hopes that by building friendly toy robots using proper robotic techniques, people will become comfortable with them and welcome them into their families. After seeing the Roboraptor it’s clear that Tilden is bent on world domination and is not to be trusted.

You can leave Roboraptor to guard a particular area, or in remote control mode so he’s at your beck and call, or just let him do his own thing in free-roam mode. If you ignore him long enough he’ll get bored and switch himself over to free roaming anyway and go off looking for some baby birds to torment or a Robosapien to torture.

You can even lead the Roboraptor around by tracing a path using the remote control’s laser beam. Or you can ignore the remote altogether and just poke him and watch him dance - oh, how he can dance. He can also waddle, hunt and run so make sure you’re a safe distance away before taunting him.

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