Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Darwin's Descendants Carry On His Research

From an article on-line at BBC News:

The descendants of Charles Darwin are retracing his footsteps by surveying wild flowers in the meadows around his former home at Down House, in Kent.

In June 1855, Darwin began a study of the local plants, which supported his theories on evolution and was mentioned in his book On the Origin of Species. Now, three generations of the Darwin family - aged from 21 months to 78 years - have begun a repeat survey. It should show how flowering plants have changed over the past 150 years.

The descendants are Erasmus Darwin (great grandson), Randal Keynes (great, great grandson), Sarah Darwin (great, great granddaughter), Chris Darwin (great, great grandson), Allegra Darwin (great, great, great, granddaughter) and Leo Darwin Vogel (great, great, great grandson).

They have been joined in the 2005 survey by scientists from the Natural History Museum and conservationists from English Heritage. It will record a range of flora, including cowslips, red clover, yarrow and yellow vetchling.

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