Thursday, June 30, 2005

Q: Are We Not Men...?

In this week’s issue of Nature Henry Gee writes a fanciful piece for their ‘Futures’ section addressing the outcome of the recent proliferation of new hominid species.

"When the time came, they just settled down with us, side by side. Just ten years after the first Sasquatches came out of northern British Columbia in '39 in search of whiskey, the hominids were everywhere, and nobody raised a brow-ridge. It would be commonplace to find (say) a Sumatran Pendek driving your cab to work; your lunch cooked and served by a Malaysian Jive Monkey (and before you complain, that's what they called themselves); and an eight-foot Kaptar from the Pamirs, pole-dancing to Earth, Wind and Fire in a club after work (but only if you were into that kind of thing)."
Read the full text HERE.