Monday, February 28, 2005

Birdsongs of The Mesozoic

While working into the wee hours of the morning revising a manuscript or casting the arcane runes that will become next year’s budget, every palaeontologist has the appropriate music running in the background. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic produce the right combination of fiery energy wrapped up in icy melodies that keep one’s mind focused while letting the imagination soar.

From Prefect Sound Forever:
Since their embryonic years as the upshot of Roger Miller and Martin Swope's Mission of Burma careers, to their current lineup – Michael Bierylo (guitar), Ken Field (wind instruments), Rick Scott (synthesizers), and Erik Lindgren (piano) – several cambric layers have amassed, but the strength of Birdsongs' conceptual music remains. What's more, they've gotten better over the ages. They're the opposite of Kraftwerk insofar as their music speaks to the prehistoric era; they live up to their name. Any of their seven studio albums will strand you like a time traveler in a desolate Jurassic Park, and you'll relish the experience of this beautiful and unique music, a virtual posit of Steve Reich as a Neanderthal
Their latest disc "2001 Live Birds"is a fine addition to the palaeoblog’s ever shifting musical tableau and we recommend that you go to NearFest Records and pick up a copy for yourself.

Download an MP3 of "Dancing on A'A" at Nearfest Records