Friday, February 11, 2005

Dr. Michael J. Ryan Talks on the Evolution of Birds

On Saturday, Febraury 12, Dr. Michael J. Ryan will speak at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History's 1st Annual Teacher's Symposium, "Teaching Evolution and the Diveristy of Life", in Classroom 'A' at 9.45am.

Ryan will be discussing the origin of birds from theropod dinosaurs and be presenting information on the new 'feathered dinosaur' fossils that have been found in China since 1996.

Other talks include "Evolution of the Vertebrate Eye" by Dr. Stephan Weeks, and "Science and Intelligent Design" by Dr. Mano Singham. The symposium begins with a keynote address by Dr. Bruce Latimer, the Director of the CMNH, on "The Importance of Teaching Evolution".

To register please contact Pam Keiper at 216-231-2075 or