Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Book on Zdenĕk Burian

An extensive illustrated full-color monograph by Vladimir Prokop of the work of Zdenĕk Burian (1905-1981) is now available. This book is the first detailed study of Burian's entire work encompassing various genres, and is filled with colour paintings never before collected.

This also covers his work as a book and magazine illustrator (some fine action/adventure work, including 20,000 Leagues under the Sea), his important paleontological reconstructions and ethnographic portraits, and his lesser-known uncommissioned works. Over 500 color reproductions, documentary photographs and a detailed list of all his known works. Text entirely in Czech except for a two-page overview in English. Import. Gallery, 2005 HC, 9x11, 264pg, FC.

The book is available HERE but also check with your favourite local bookseller.
In other Palaeo Art Book news, I was speaking with Charles Knight’s granddaughter this morning and she tells me that a large coffee-table book on Knight’s art is in production.