Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Lonely Bones

Justin Parpan, the author/illustrator of “Gwangowrote an interesting article on the website ‘Roadside Peek’ about a series of strange dinosaur sculptures constructed in the hills near his home town of San Jacinto.
“In the past, I’ve tried to research the sight, but with few results. The sculptor is a mystery, and most folk living near the hills have never even seen the sculptures hidden away in the hills, and barely visible from the roadside.

Unfortunately the sculptures were recently destroyed by a construction crew. It was a travesty, but luckily, I snapped a few photos before their destruction.”
See more pictures at one of Justine’s blogs: josvalentine

FYI, I'll be back in Canada for the next week taking care of family stuff. My access to the internet is limited there so posting will probably be light. However, I have got my QT videos from the Gobi reformated (thanks Liz!) and I'll soon be posting on "How to collect a Tarbosaurus."

Have a great Thanksgiving to all my American friends and colleagues!