Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sue in Singapore

DINOSAURS! A T. rex named SUE and Friends!
20 May to 20 August 2006
Marcus Ng at lets us know that ‘Sue’ the T. rex will be in Singapore this summer:
The Faculty of Science (FoS), National University of Singapore (NUS), together with the Singapore Science Centre (SSC) will be presenting “DINOSAURS! A T. rex named SUE and Friends”.

Together with Sue, SSC’s detailed cast of another T. rex, named Stan, will be exhibited at the same time. Stan is the second most complete T. rex skeleton unearthed to-date. Another portion of the exhibition is “Dinosaur of Darkness” from Monash University. This is an extensive exhibition of “polar” dinosaurs from four continents (Australia, Antarctica, South America and North America) as well as fossil plants and microfossils