Monday, April 10, 2006

An Oscar Mayer Stegosaurus

It must have been a slow news day at the THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN but Scott Smith whipped up a story on Stegosaurus.

He even got some great quotes from Ken Carpenter.

Image from HERE.

The Stegosaurus also happens to be Colorado's official state fossil. So please take the time to learn a little more about one of the earliest inhabitants of our neighborhood . . .

But does that mean that the Stegosaurus was stupid? No one really knows for sure, but Ken Carpenter, dinosaur expert at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, put it this way:

"Smart is a relative term," he said. "Compared to a bacteria, (stegosaurs) were very smart; compared to a dog, they were kind of dumb; compared to sheep . . . well, close. Sheep are really stupid."

OK, so the Stegosaurus was never in danger of being class valedictorian. But Carpenter also noted that the animal's brain - often described as being the size of a walnut, pingpong ball or golf ball - was actually larger than first believed. "Definitely bigger than a walnut," he said.

"It looks like an Oscar Mayer wiener that's bent. It's very long."

Get your Wienermobile facts HERE

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