Saturday, April 01, 2006

More Star-Spangled Dinos from Von Sholly

If you liked the "Star-Spangled Dinosaurs" covers we ran a few weeks ago, you should know that there is now lot's more where they came from.

COMIC BOOK NERD is Pete Von Sholly's take on the fan press phenomenon complete with some glancing blows at the sorry state of the current comics industry. Lampooning eleven major publications like MAD might do or should have done, Pete includes dozens of covers, and has also created ads, letters pages and articles to suit the various magazines featured, and layered in generous amounts of filler and art from his own failed projects. It's done with a mixture of love and bile.

Pete says "I'm sorry if some of it may seem unfair but that's my job." COMIC BOOK NERD is time well wasted! Order it HERE.

And why stop there? Tired of ordinary weird stories? What you need are some Extremely Weird Stories -- and we're here to tell you just where to find them!

Experience horror, babes, and laughs! See monsters from beyond the grave and before the dawn of history! See Scottish Lakes, black magic, and psychotic pseudo-scientists! Musty museums, virtual video vermin, and foul fables! See "things" that crawl and claw from the pages of putrid pulps and under the covers of creepy comics! See stuff you'll hope never sees you!

Don't miss Pete Von Sholly's Extremely Weird Stories! It's just what the mad doctor ordered! SPREAD THE WEIRD! Order it HERE.