Monday, April 17, 2006

Godzilla Loves Rice!

Art © Tom Bagley

Tom Bagley’s Godzilla drawing can be found in the new book, “Starting Out: The Essential Guide To Cooking On Your Own”, by author Julie Van Rosendaal and illustrated by Tom, out now from Whitecap Books.

It’s the perfect cooking survival guide for palaeo-grad students, beginner chefs and young adults. Designed to help new chefs find independence, this handy book is filled with indispensable tips and information on basic cooking techniques, stocking cupboards and pantries, and fixing cooking disasters.

However, if you’re looking for a recipe that contains more “eye of newt” you should click on over to Tom's website or check out the blog he’s 1/7th of.

And now that Easter is over we can all get back to celebrating the most important holiday of the year -- HALLOWEEN! (what's a few days, give or take?) So, for all those budding young palae-anatomists out there here's some recommended reading:

© Kipling West

Written & illustrated by the wickedly talented Kipling West. You should go to her website now!