Friday, March 03, 2006

New Fossil Bird Species Found

From the Shanghai Daily:
The remains of a new species of 100-million-year-old bird have been found in a fossil-rich area of northeastern China's Liaoning Province.
"The bird is different from other known birds of the Mesozoic in the medium- to small-size range with a distinct thorn-like process on its nose, which has never been found among other known fossil birds," said Dr Li Li from the Institute of Mesozoic Paleontology of Western Liaoning at Shenyang Normal University.

Li and her colleagues unearthed the fossil last October at Dapingfang in the west of Liaoning where the remains of dinosaurs, fish and early bird species have also been found.

The well-preserved remains include a complete skeleton with a skull. The total length of the bird fossil is 216 millimeters, said Li.

NB: When I find out more info I'll post it ASAP.