Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mars Needs Bikinis

Art © Tom Bagley

Now really, what’s going to get your attention – a headline like “Mars Needs Bikinis” or “ALBERTA PALAEONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY 2006 SYMPOSIUM” to be held in Calgary, Alberta, on March 18th?

Go to their website for more information. I’ll be there, this time presenting a poster looking at the validity of Nanotyrannus with my co-authors Larry Witmer and Eric Snively.

And since I’ll be in Calgary that’s as good as excuse as any to once again plug the art of the very talented Tom Bagley. I’ve just found out that Tom and six other artistic conspirators have their own shared blog, “7 Deadly Sinners”, which is great fun to cruise around. So why hasn’t the usually ahead of the curve "Drawn!" not featured this site yet?

The ‘sinners’ even feature links to this very blog (thanks!) and others like genius cartoonist Carol Lay (Hi Carol!).

For more great art that you’ll usually see stapled to a lamppost (at least the old wooden ones) go visit