Wednesday, November 04, 2015

How Wide Could T. rex Open Its Mouth?

Estimating cranial musculoskeletal constraints in theropod dinosaurs. 2015. Royal Society Open Science.

Gape angles at optimal and maximum tension limit for (a) Allosaurus fragilis, (b) Tyrannosaurus rex and (c) Erlikosaurus andrewsi with muscle resting length at a gape angle of 3.0°.

A new study demonstrates that Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus and Erlikosaurus show distinct differences in the recruitment of the jaw adductor musculature and resulting gape, confirming previous dietary and ecological assumptions. While the carnivorous taxa T. rex and Allosaurus were capable of a wide gape and sustained muscle force, the herbivorous therizinosaurian Erlikosaurus was constrained to small gape angles.

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