Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dino Exploration in the Bonnet Plume Fm, Yukon

Last summer, Dr. David Evans from the ROM/U of Toronto, took a crew to the Yukon to investigate reports of dinosaur bones from the Bonnet Plume Formation. Recently a reporter from the Yukon News wrote up an “error-riddled article” about the trip that you can read HERE.

Evans got to the spot (above) where the three duck-billed dino bones that were found in the 1960s were recovered, but did not get any more vertebrates. They found some good plant fossils though (below).

All photos © David Evans
The crew from left to right was Matt Vavrek (McGill), Dave Evans, Grant Zazula (Yukon Gov), and Nic Campione (U Toronto).

Dr. Evans will be back up north this June to do some more exploring – good luck!