Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off To Mongolia

Rip Hunter © DC Comics
I’m off today for the Gobi desert for a few weeks but I’m got a number of fun auto-posts that will go up while I’m away.

To kick things off Atomic Surgery presents the first adventure of DC’s time traveling hero – Rip Hunter, Time Master – from Showcase #20 (1959). For a story titled “Prisoners of 100 Million B.C.” of course you get lots of dinosaur action (above) courtesy of artist Jack Miller (story) & Ruben Moreira (art).

However, the Atomic Surgeons left out the two pages below, generously allowing me to post them here.

As DC tested the public’s interest in new comic book characters as the post-McCarthy era revival began, many of the books published were along the line of the Pulp era ‘adventure’ heroes but with a Sci-Fi spin thanks to the success of the similarly themed movies of the ’50’s. In a nod to their pseudo-scientific origins many of these books included 1 or 2 pages of real science facts, such as the above.