Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gobi Photos #7

Back at the 3 Camel Lodge the crew relaxes after the long drive from Ultan Ulan.

The Lodge's pet hedge hog.

While the students took a trip to Yol Valley the research team headed out to some exposures about a half hour drive from the Flaming Cliffs. In this region the Early Cretaceous sits directly below the Late Cretaceous via an unconfomity. Here we're looking for baby Pinacosaurus material in the Dhajokta Formation.

Some of the pinacosaur material that is abundant at this heavily poached locality.

Hadrosaur (above), theropod and sauropod footprints are also common at the site.

Caleb Brown brushes out a hadrosaur footprint.
I have to make a note here to say that Caleb was the graduate student on this trip and as such was entrusted with a lot of the day to day organizational duties and helping out with the students. Caleb, of course, did a fantastic job!

I also have to thank the Cleveland company, Lubrizol, who generously donated money to this project to help Caleb and the students get over to Mongolia for this experience.

A sauropod trackway.