Friday, August 21, 2009

Gobi Photos #4

Khulsan (Thulsan) - the Barun Goyt Formation produces lots of lizard and mammal skulls

Dr. Evans shows off a mammal skull that he found at Khulsan.

A poached quarry in Khulsan.

Whit, Emily and Maria check out the quarry.

Packing up at the Nemegt camp.

Just before we left the Nemegt basin this morning we collected part of a small theropod found just above the camp.

The Montessori students scour the hillside for more pieces. As I type this we're now in Ultan Ula 2 & some of the students are trying to piece togather those small theropod pieces. Tomorrow we hike back out to the Dragon's Tomb to collect Saurolophus matertial.