Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Gobi Photos

I'm back in Ulaanbaatar for a few days before heading out to the Gobi again this weekend with a multinational crew to look at new fossil producing regions. The first trip (2 weeks) went very well with lots of new finds and only one big sand storm.

Over the next few days I'll try to squeeze some photos down the internet connection to the rest of the world.

Drs. Eva Kopplehus, Bagamgarov, and Phil Currie at our departure point into the southcentral Gobi. We're at a small airport at the edge of the Gobi about an hours flight south of UB.

The dinosaur collections (at least the prepared and accessable portion) at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences that we are working with is made up of approximately 1/3 material collected by Phil's expeditions over the last ten years.

Another shot from above of the famous 'fighting dinosaurs' (Protoceratops (L) and Velociraptor (R) at the Natural History Museum next door to the palaeo labs.

More soon about some of the exciting finds we've made this trip. Check the news for the press conference that we're holding later today (Weds. here).