Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Digital Mongolia

One of the lab lights in the Ulaanbaatar Prep Lab.

Wanna buy a dinosaur bone? Unfortunately people like this would approach us all too often!

A poached Gallimimus quarry in the Nemegt Formation. Many of the dinosaurs were found in concretions that were split open to expose the bones. The teeth and claws appear to have been the main focus. This specimen, like most of the others we came across, would have been a perfectly preserved, 3D skeleton. I did manage to find the smashed portions of the articulated lower jaws, the top of the braincase, and, maybe, part of one of the orbits.

Another view of the poached quarry above.

We salvaged this partial arm. The claws were neatly carved off by the vandals.

But on to better things! This happy face was on the package of the paper toweling we used to make our field jackets. And the plaster we used (Chinese I think) was far better than any I've used in North America.

Dr. Eva Koppelhus and part of the crew works an ankylosaur quarry.

Photos © Michael Ryan. Click to enlarge most photos.