Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mark Schultz: Out Of The Past

Above is the cover of the new catalogue for Mark Schultz’s Spanish career retrospective exhibit. The show opened at the Casal Solleric in Palma de Mallorca on Sept. 22, and continues through December. Admission is free.

The exhibition includes works from all phases of his professional comic and illustration career, including Xenozoic covers, sequential pages and merchandising, a variety of cover art done for SubHuman and other properties, and Conan paintings and illustrations.

As of this time, the soft cover catalogue is available only through the Solleric and cooperating museums in Spain and France, for the amazingly low price of 20 Euros (although Mark cannot absolutely confirm this). As a quality production of over 200 pages with color sections, it's a steal.

The Casal Solleric does not have a web site or e-mail address as far as I can determine. I did manage to pull this address from the web but I can’t speak to its validity:

Passeig del Born, 27; 07012 - Palma
Tel.: (+34) 971.72.20.92-3

If you can’t track it down I’d suggest contacting BudPlant.com and see if they have any plans to import this book into North America.