Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Drum Riff

I’m in Drumheller for a few days working with Dr. Rob Holmes (above) on more Styracosaurus material. Hoorah, my new camera bought at the last minute before I left on this trip works! This replaces the one lost a few weeks ago by Air Canada (a big thumbs down to them!).

The APS conference on the weekend was a rousing success although the numbers were a bit down from last year. The U of A VP Gala on Sat. night was also a great success with a fistful of money raised for the paleo students. I had a chance to talk to a lot of the VP students and read through most of their posters—they’re a terrific bunch of frightfully bright students with some very cool projects on the go.

Kudos to Eric Snively for transporting me around on the weekend. I held a metaphorical shaken-up bottle of Diet Pepsi to his head and forced him to put together a press release for this very cool research recently published with Don Henderson. Hopefully it will be all over the media in a week or two!

Thanks to everyone who has written in support of the blog! I’m hoping for the best to be able to return to at least semi-regular postings in a week or so. If the camera continues to function well I’ll post more photos from the trip later in the week.