Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dinosaur of Plant World Causes Stir

Wollemi Pine Photo
The Wollemi Pine. Photo courtesy of

Australia's National Nine News reports on a plant that dates back 200 million years and how it's being used in Hong Kong Disneyland:
"Many of you would know that Disney is incredibly fussy about what they do. Everything they want has got to be the best, got to be world class, and to have this nursery providing that sort of input into Disney is fantastic," Premier Peter Beattie said on Sunday.

"The way it has caught the imagination of people in Japan and places like that is phenomenal.

"It's created enormous interest around the world and it's being done here."

The Wollemi pine dates back 200 million years to the Jurassic Age while the oldest known fossil dates back 90 million years.

Dubbed the botanical find of the 20th century, the Wollemi pine was thought to be extinct until 1994 when NSW wildlife officer David Noble discovered a small stand of trees 150km north-west of Sydney in Wollemi National Park.

Only a limited number survive in the wild.

Read more at the link above. You can also learn more about the Wollemi Pine at this link.