Sunday, July 25, 2010

Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project 2010 Photos #2

On yet another rainy day we drove to Eastend, SK, to check out the T. rex Discovery Centre.

Kentaro Chiba from Hokkido U. continued collecting data for his M.Sc. project.

Touring the T. rex Centre. That's CMNH Kirtlandia, Geoff Goodman, above.

Eastend also has a small cultural museum downtown with a nice Triceratops skull and Torosaurus frill, as well as other displays, such as the above.

A nice nasal from the ceratopsid bone bed that we excavated this summer.

Nic C. collects part of a tyrannosaurid skull.

Finishing up field jackets in camp. Magdeline, U of Calgary Phrynosoma researcher, looks on from above.

CWRU Work Study student, Matt Clemens, is unsure of the wisdom of defying the storm gods today.

The students tour Dinosaur Provincial Park. At the Centrosaurus BB, top row: Geoff, Kentaro, Eric the CO; Bottom row: Matt, Evan, David Lloyd (RTMP Tech), Danielle D. (Carleton U.).

Chris Magarity, U of T grad student and summer RTMP tech, works on his thesis at the museum in the off hours. Chris and his wonderful wife, Kelly, spent much of their days off helping us out in the field.