Friday, October 05, 2007

Nomadic Expedition Gobi Trip Photos 1

The first of an uncoming batch of photos from my time in the Gobi this past summer. First up, photos from the Nomadic Expeditions trip that I co-lead with Philip Currie from the U of Alberta, and Dr. Badamgarov from the Paleontological Institute in Ulaanbaater:

Our camp in the Late Cretaceous Nemegt Basin. The tall grey tents were all destroyed in a wind and sand strom a few days later.

Sue and Melissa collect a fossil in the Western Sayr [=valley/coulee].

A hadrosaur(?) tibia in the Western Sayr.

Al doles out cheer in our supper ger. Astrid's at the far left and Tom Owen and Phil Currie are to Al's right.

Our guide/coordinator from NE, Singa, helped out at most of our quarries whenever he could. Mary Ann is in the foreground.

The aftrermath of heavy rains that lasted almost 24 hours.

After the rains came the heavy winds that blew many of the tents to the horizon. Miriam and Victoria reinact fighting the winds.

Victoria with one of the many footprints to be found in the basin.