Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bayn Zag - The Flaming Cliffs

More photos from this summer's Gobi trip run through Nomadic Expeditions. If you'd like to join me for two weeks next August digging up dinos in the Gobi check out the Nomadic web page.

The Flaming Cliffs at mid-afternoon.

Camel rides make for a full, but odd, experience at the Cliffs.

Victoria Arbour (U Alberta) shows off her skills.

Tom Owen was the official photographer for the camel rides

The kids at the camel ride ger sold handicrafts.

Miriam (U Alberta) & her camel.

Ito shows off the Velociraptor he found at the Cliffs.

Clive Coy and Eva Koppelhus wait for the sun to go down.

At the 'golden hour' of sunset Bayn Zag does indeed burst into flames!

Phil and Eva examine a partial Protoceratops.

An obo (shrine) on top of the cliffs.