Wednesday, December 19, 2007

KID 2007 Expedition

Time for a few quick updates where we shovel the city of Ottawa out of its latest snowstorm. I don't think I've posted any photos from my time with the KID expedition in Mongolia this past summer. You can get my summary of last year's work at my Phaeton web site HERE; I'll have an update for 2007 on that site soon.

Just some of the the 2007 crew.

One of several vehicle problems we had.

Yoshi and Dr. Song work on the sauropod that Yoshi found in 2006. In just under two weeks the crew completely collected the >60% complete skeleton.

Puzzling over how to move the pelvic block.

Dr. Darla.

In the middle of nowhere we had to replace an engine in one of the trucks. Dr. Lee shots some pool as we wait for our drivers to get the job done.

Our camp at Kermin Tsav I

Yosuki and friend.

Khermin Tsav II

Ulzi - ace mechanic, tech and driver!