Saturday, April 14, 2007

Croatian Sauropod Track Controversay

Dinosaur prints lead to crediting row. 2007. R. Dalton. Nature 446:708.

Mike Caldwell of the U of Alberta is at the center of controversy over a series of sauropod tracks that he and colleagues from the Croatian Natural History Museum in Zagreb discovered in 2004 on the island of Hvar.
“But before the researchers could publish their study in the scientific literature, a competing group from the University of Zagreb went to the site and then published an article reporting the tracks. The article did not credit the discovery team, and an angry Caldwell has demanded its retraction. The disputed article was published last December in the journal Cretaceous Research (The first record of dinosaurs in the Dalmatian part (Croatia) of the Adriatic-Dinaric carbonate platform (ADCP). 2006. A. Mezga et al. Cretac. Res. 27: 735-742.)