Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Southern Alberta Dinosaur Research Project 2009 Photos

Sorry to have been out of touch. Once I got in the field a few weeks ago Google disabled my password for my account so it's taken me this long to sort things out.

Dr. David Evans and I, and our crew of techs, students, and volunteers have been hard at work on a number of sites despite cold weather and rain. I'll post some random images from the 1st few weeks of work now and get more up to date ones soon.

Camp at Cecil Nesmo's ranch.


Ian Morrison (ROM) and Kentaro Chida (Hokkido University)

The Zen of Kentaro

Dr. Evans (ROM) puts his back into it.

Brian Matthews, long time volunteer.

A break from overburden removal

The "McPheeter's" ceratopsid bone bed from the upper Oldman Fm.

Jamie Boyle (CWRU - Cleveland).