Saturday, July 21, 2007

SADRG 2007 Photos 4

Today is a supply pick up day in Medicine Hat so I’ve time to post some more pix from this summer’s SADRG project taken over the past 3 weeks.

Derek Larson (U of Alberta) with the T. rex at the Milk River Interpretive Centre.

Clive Luckwell celebrates his 40th birthday in Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park. WOS is one of Alberta’s hidden treasures—unique hoodoos and native pictographs.

Nick Longrich finds a turtle in the Milk River Formation.

Working on the turtle.

The turtle is capped and ready to flip.

Finishing the field jacket for the turtle. To our knowledge this is the most complete vertebrate is be collected from the formation.

One of the few rattlesnakes I’ve seen this season—on the road in front of our Manyberries field camp.

The hadrosaur quarry from the base of the Oldman Formation.

Excavating in the quarry.

Clive finds one of the scapulae.