Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Summer 2005 Field Photos: #5

This is a picture that will be of interest to ceratopsid researchers. It's the quarry for the holotype of Monoclonius lowei in the upper Dinosaur Park Formation SE of Manyberries, Alberta, with Clive Luckwell for scale. I relocated it a few years back and we were back in the same area looking for the quarry for the holotype of Lambeosaurus lambei. Alas, the latter quarry was originally no more than a shallow depression and no trace of it could be located 80+ years later. On the plus side, we did find the weathered remains of an associated hadrosaur a few dozen meters from the M. lowei quarry -- it must have been in pretty good shape when the ceratopsid was collected way back when.

And while I'm thinkng about it, I should mention that the term "Belly River Group" is now officially being used rather than "Judith River Group", so all of you researchers writing up papers on material from the late Campanian of Alberta should take note.