Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gobi Photos #8

Here's the last set of photos from my recent trip into the Gobi with the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Paleontological Center, and the Montessori High School at University Circle in Cleveland. The students should all be back in NA by now, while Caleb, David and I are doing research at the Paleo Lab for the rest of the week.

Tugrekenshire, where we spent a few hours on our last day in the gobi.

Mattie (stretched out, right) found a poached Protoceratops skeleton. The poachers had taken the skull but left the body. If you look close you can see some of the ribs; the two long bones in the bottom of the pit are the hips. Like many of the Proto skeletons at the site the animal is preserved with the body pointing up.

Back in UB we toured the Orchlon School. One teacher and two students from the school joined us on the trip and helped the students get a better understanding of Mongolian culture.

Caleb prepares himself for his upcoming Ph.D. in Dr. Evans lab.

Our wrap up lunch at the UB Hotel.

We ended out gobi trip watching the sun go down on the Flaming Cliffs.

Next year I'm planning on coming back to the Gobi again with Nomadic Expeditions. If you'd like to join the trip contact them or drop me a line