Friday, January 18, 2008

More Photos From Argentina

Lots to post on but I'm busy. So, here are more photos from Eric's trip to Argentina:

The dicraeosaurid sauropod Amargasaurus, with its hyper-elongate neural spines. More bizarre and elegant in person. Museo National de Siencias Naturales, Buenos Aires.

The abelisaurid theropod Carnotaurus inspires its share of vivid sculptures, including this in Buenos Aires and Stephen Czerkas' at the L.A. County Museum.

Darned good Tyrannosaurus rex by J.A. Gonzales, in the North American dinosaurs exhibit at el Museo National de Siencias Naturales, Buenos Aires.

Well-preserved distal tail of the ankylosaur Euoplocephalus tutus, from Alberta, Canada.

Most of the largest sauropod dinosaurs lived in Argentina about 100 million years ago. Their likely fodder, araucarian conifers, are still here