Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Discovery Day at the CMNH

Every MLK Day (a national holiday in the US), the Cleveland Museum of Natural History offers free admission to the public. Last Monday curators, staff and volunteers set up displays throughout the museum and talked to the public.

VP technician, David Chapman explains the action of Dunkleosteous jaws.

VP volunteer, Katie, talks about prehistoric sharks.

VP volunteer, Joe Klunder, and technician, Gary Jackson, talk up fossils.

Invertebrate Paleo curator, Joe Hannibal, does his thing.

The Paleobotany display.

Mineralogist, Dr. David Saja.

Physical Anthropology.

Anne from Phys. Anthro works on a fossil skull reconstruction.

Dr. Brian Redmond, one of our Archaeologists

Harold Edleman, one of our long-time volunteers (he proudly turns 97 this year) poses with our new Triceratops mount.