Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paleobiology Database Intensive Workshop in Analytical Methods

The Paleobiology Database has sponsored a five-week intensive training workshop in analytical methods since 2005. The Australian Research Council and the National Science Foundation's Division of Earth Sciences will provide funding for the 2012 edition. As in 2010 and 2011, the 2012 workshop will held at Macquarie University in Sydney. Sessions will be held between 25 June and 29 July.

Topics will include community paleoecology, diversity curves, speciation and extinction, phylogenetics, phenotypic evolution, and morphometrics. Both simulation modelling and data analysis methods will be employed. Training will combine lectures and labs. Participants will be given hands-on instruction in programming using R and taught to use other analytical software. In addition to the workshop coordinator, each week a new instructor will be present. The instructors are expected to be John Alroy, Gene Hunt, Tom Olszewski, David Polly, and Pete Wagner.

There is no fee for registration and participants will be housed for free in accommodations near the campus. Daily expenses such as meal costs are not subsidized but are only on the order of $10 to $15. Participants are encouraged to solicit travel funds from their home institutions or other organizations. A majority of airfare costs will be reimbursed if such funds are not available. There are no other charges of any kind and no other major expenses are likely.

For all the details go here: Paleobiology Database Intensive Workshop in Analytical Methods.

NOTE: Applications received by the end of Monday, 15 February 2012 get priority. Only a few spaces are available so apply early and often.

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